The Handcrafted Tour — We offer cultural and culinary journeys for small groups of discerning travellers


Who we are

Lemongrass Tours is a Canadian boutique travel company offering owner escorted, small group tours and private journeys for the inquisitive discerning traveller.

Nora McCabe ran our first cultural and culinary tour to Vietnam in March, 2001. Since then we've gone back to this bewitching country, beguiled by its vibrant culture and its gloriously hospitable people. As well, we ventured into other fascinating countries, developing in-depth knowledge of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, India, Myanmar and Hong Kong. We use this expertise to design group tours and custom private trips as well as extensions that can be added before or after our tours.



The Lemongrass difference

Our tours are made up of small groups of like-minded people who love to explore, to immerse themselves in unfamiliar unknown cultures, to learn about and feast on scrumptious food and to meet the warm and friendly people of a faraway country.

We travel at a leisurely pace in comfort and safety, staying in carefully selected hotels to maximize the pleasure of the trip. It’s like travelling with a friend who can show you the best places to stay, where to eat and shop, so that you get the most pleasure and satisfaction out of your trip.

If eating well makes travelling even more exciting, living well while you travel makes it sublime.

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